Turkey set to break 2019 record in gold output

ISTANBUL (GN): Turkish gold production by the end of 2020 is estimated to surpass the record high level in the history of the Turkish Republic that was made last year, HasanYucel, president of the Turkish Gold Miners Association, told Anadolu Agency on Sunday. Production is 2019 peaked at 38 tons but is estimated to reach a volume of 45 tons by the year-end, Yucel said. “Turkey can easily produce 45 tons of gold by the end of the year, thanks to encouraging private sector investments and the number of production facilities that have become operational at the beginning of 2020,” he said. Yucel said Turkey produced a total of 338 tons of gold between 2001-2019, however, based on scientific studies, potential reserves total 6,500 tons from which 1,500 tons have been extracted so far. He explained that the import of 140-160 tons of gold annually creates a deficit for Turkey of $7-$8 billion. However, he added that Turkey could easily erase 60% of this in the next few years because it has the potential, technology and the know-how. “We have the capacity to produce 60 tons of gold within five years and within 15 years produce 160 tons that we import today with the help of state-led development,” he said. Private capital investment in gold mining

UN appeals for $358m for refugees in Ethiopia

Ethiopia (AGENCIES): The UN needs $358 million to care for refugees being sheltered in Ethiopia, UN officials said Monday. KisutGebreEgziabher, Ethiopia spokesperson for the UNHCR refugee agency, told Anadolu Agency that this sum would be enough to provide for the basic needs of refugees such as food, energy (cooking), and self-employment training, among others. The money would be for 2020-2021, he said. Ethiopia, according to him, currently hosts 735,000 refugees from South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and Yemen. With its open-door policy for refugees, Ethiopia last year issued a revised refugee law granting refugees the right of self-employment, schooling, and other services normally available to citizens. “Later this year, in February or soon after that, the UNHCR will hold a meeting in Geneva where donor agencies and countries will respond to the appeal we have just made,” said Kisut. Last year the UNHCR appealed for $346.5 million, of which the donor community gave 43%, he said.