I wonder where all the journalists, anchor persons and analysts have gone, who had till a few days back been hammering their view that it was Hamas who didn’t agree to the truce in the first week of the invasion, while Israel was wholeheartedly ready to stall the hostilities. All these analysts vanished when Israeli cabinet unanimously rejected John Kerry’ proposed ‘2-Stage Truce’ plan, citing excuses such as Israel has not yet achieved its goals (in killing enough Palestinians?) and also they didn’t want to encourage Hamas by agreeing to the truce.

More than 1000 Palestinians have been killed, mostly civilians. No channel was brave enough to highlight the killing of 11 children and several men and women of the same family just minutes before the lull in fighting for 12 hours on Saturday.

It’s a strange demand from an occupier, who has strangled this open-air prison from all sides, who denies its inmates to manage their prison matters, and then demands that there shall not be any protest or resistance against the aggressor. If you argue with them, they will tell you that Israel voluntarily and unilaterally left Gaza in 2005; however no one talks about the physical and economical siege of the strip since then. Apparently the present invasion will further reduce the size of the livable area of Gaza, as Israelis will extend the no-man’s-land deep into Gaza. Like Iraq’s infamous WMDs, it has been assumed, without offering even a shred of evidence, that three teenage Israeli boys were kidnapped and killed by Hamas. It’s obvious this conflict is not going to be resolved until we go back to its root cause, the occupation of Palestinian land by people who came in the hundreds and thousands after the occupation of Palestine by Britain followed by Balfour declaration. The injustice done by the UN in 1948 needs to be reversed, otherwise innocent blood will continue to spill.


Saudi Arab, July 27.