LAHORE - Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar Saturday said he was doing his best to reform the judicial system as per expectations of the people, admitting he had not so far been able to put the judiciary in order.

The top judge said centuries-old laws had not been amended and the mutation of land was being carried out with the word of mouth of patwaris even in the modern age.

“Judges can’t change the basic laws. And without it the procedural law cannot be rectified,” the top judge remarked, addressing judicial officers at Punjab Judicial Academy. He said the procedural law was of no use unless the judges had passion to deliver justice.

“Judges are also responsible for multiplying litigation. The CJP further remarked. Everything was written in books, he said, questioning how many judges read the books.

He made it clear that the judicial system could not be compared with the fundamental issues like health and education.

The CJP said a mistake made by a judge in lower courts goes to higher level, urging the judicial officers to do their jobs as worship.

“At least do it as your job and worship, and you will get the reward,” the CJP remarked, adding it was not an ordinary job.

He pointed out that the lack of training was a big issue, saying he was still a student of law and wanted to learn. He told the judges that the system would be in order the day they applied the law.

“It is important for us to admit mistakes. It is possible. Tell us so that we could correct it,” the CJP said.

He also highlighted the water crisis, terming it a big threat to the country’s stability. “The water shortage is a big threat to the country’s stability, which seems an international conspiracy,” he remarked.

“What have we given to our next generations? We must sacrifice for them,” the CJP remarked.

The water crisis was a growing threat to the survival of Pakistan, he said. “The country is burdened with debts. We are not leaving the country for the next generations as good as we got it,” CJP Nisar said. He asserted every citizen should play his role for the country, saying construction of dams was very important and everyone should do something for it.