In two separate instances of terrorism, at least ten soldiers laid down their lives in the line of duty. The first attack on the personnel of law enforcement agency happened in North Waziristan when terrorists from across the Afghan border opened fire on soldiers patrolling the Pak-Afghan border. The second attack took place in Balochistan when security forces were conducting an operation. The two terror attacks are testaments to the fact that Pakistan has suffered extensively and is still suffering country in this war against terror. While some of the states are busy undermining the sacrifices of Pakistan Armed forces, the martyrdom of the soldiers is “the sacrifice Pakistan is making for peace in the region.”

The two attacks were a show of cowardice. The attackers wanted to undermine the regional peace and stability that our security forces have ensured by shedding sweat and blood. The terrorists intended to bring down the morale of the law enforcement agencies. Nevertheless, what the terrorists forget is the fact that Pakistan has endured many such acts of aggression with courage and bravery.

Moreover, while negotiations with the Taliban over finding a peaceful solution for Afghan conflict are underway, the firing on Pakistani patrolling party from Afghan soil aimed for worsening the relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan. However, the response of the Pakistani government was praiseworthy during such painful moments. The government didn’t jump to any conclusion and refrained from blaming any country for the attacks. The mature attitude of the civil and military leadership was much needed, as it will not allow the terrorists to sow seeds of discord between Pakistan and its neighbours.

Pakistanis have suffered enormously because of the Afghan war. The country bled physically and financially because of the spillover effects of the conflict in Afghanistan. During such a massive crisis, the sacrifices of the armed forced can neither be undermined nor forgotten.

At the same time, the government needs to understand the nature of militant resistance that it faces from within, especially in the restive province of Balochistan. The insurgency in Balochistan has entered into the thirteenth year now. Yet, the law enforcement agencies find it hard to root out militancy from the province. The civilian government needs to come forward to find a political solution for the Baloch issue. While the government emphasises on the need of finding a political solution to the Afghan problem, it also needs to do the same in Balochistan. Finding a political way out is the only solution that can bring normalcy to Balochistan.