ISLAMABAD-As per the recent Quality of Service (QoS) survey conducted by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), Jazz’s data throughput, a key performance indicator which defines the average 4G internet speed in the coverage area being tested, was higher than other mobile operators at 11.08 Mbps. Zong and Telenor came in second and third, respectively, while Ufone does not have 4G coverage in the tested area. This survey was conducted in Sheikhupura, Gujar Khan and Mansehra to gauge the performance of mobile operators against the key performance indicators set in their license. Similarly, the 4G signal strength KPI, which denotes the power measured by a receiver on a particular physical communication channel, showed that Jazz outperformed the KPI threshold, set at 90%, by averaging 97.19% for its 4G signal strength in the tested areas. Zong ranked second at 96.91%, while Telenor an 87.94%.