Attock-Traders in various parts of Attock district staged strong protest over nine-day lockdown imposed by the government to curb the spread of novel coronavirus on the eve of Eid ul Azha.

The charged and angry shopkeepers in Attock, Hazro, and Hassanabdal came face to face with the officials of local administration when the latter visited markets and bazaars along with police force to enforce complete lockdown. Traders defying the lockdown, opened their shops of non-essential items in Attock city, Hazro, Hassanabdal and other areas where people were seen shopping for upcoming festival of Eid Ul Azha without implementation of standing operating procedures. Over violation of lockdown, the respective assistant commissioners along with officials of municipal administration and police took action and paid visit to the major markets and directed the traders to shut their shops especially non-essential items but instead they defied the orders.

Traders of major towns of Attock rejected the call of lockdown in the province, ahead of Eid ul Azha while in Hazro and Hassanabdal towns of the Attock, the angry shopkeepers took out protest rallies against the decision. The demonstrators demanded the government to take back the decision.