ISLAMABAD The so-called supporters of 'peace with India could not gather more than 15 'civil society activists here on Monday in a tiny rally that focussed on establishing good relation between India and Pakistan. The rally was organised by the NGOs forum 'Insani Haqooq Ittihad that failed to get any positive public response. Only the employees of a few unknown NGOs turn up to the venue perhaps for 'point scoring. It was a rally of different kind, as the participants did not make any speech to explain their point of view. There were only a dozen placards inscribed with slogans like Muhabat ki koe saradh nai hoti, Stop War, Peace is Path, Hum Aik Hain, War is No answer, India Pak Peace, Masnue Lakirian Mata Dain and Indo-Pak Peace Bread, There Is No Path To Peace and Peace Is The Path, Jang Nain Aman Chatay Hain. The participants were of the view that both the Indian and Pakistani governments must focus on their peoples welfare instead of spending in making weapons. They also opined that both the governments must change its attitude towards each other. While talking to TheNation, Waseem Wageha of Aurat Foundation said that we gathered here only for peace. Peace is necessary for economic prosperity, as both the governments could improve their trades only when they have good relations with each other. He also said that we are happy because of the ongoing dialogue between Pakistan and India.