LAHORE The Punjab govt has failed in laying a check on the luxuries of the bureaucracy in the province, as more than 250 million rupees have been spent on the decoration of the rooms of the high officers and beautification of their drive-ways and lawns in the civil secretariat. The main secretariat building lodges the offices of some ministers, heads of 9 departments and some advisers in addition to the offices of the Chief Secretary and the Additional Chief Secretary. It is surprising that such a huge amount has been spent only to beautify the sitting venue of these people in a province where people are committing suicides for the want of money to make both ends meet. As per details, millions of rupees are being spent to adorn the offices of the Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary and other parts of the Secretariat so as to give it an air of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh era building; So far 73 million have been wasted on this fond project and 10 million more are to be spent till June 30, 2010. A sum of Rs 24 million have been spent on beautifying the inner out-look of the high officials offices and on making a Gym for high-ups, while 13 millions have been given to making drive-ways for the VIPs. Rs 30m have been spent on underground wiring so far, but the work is still incomplete while 75.5m have been spent on Home Dept verandas. The wall around the Secretariat is being rebuilt and beautified, on which security lights are being installed which has consumed 28m so far and it is still incomplete. All the works in progress have so far cost the provincial exchequer a sum of Rs 255m.