Annie Khalid came up first time on the Pakistani media’s radar in late 2005 when her first single “Maahiya” took the nation by storm. Since then, the sparkling songstress has given many hits, though with intervals but with passion. She walked the ramp for leading designers and totally nailed the outfits. Her style, her voice, her presence enchants the people around her. She has also been endorsing international brands for quite some time now. With her strapping resolve, she is an inspiration for many subjugated people especially women of our society. Let’s have a candid conversation with this amazing woman of substance.

  1. 1.     Share with us your favorite childhood memory?

My favorite childhood memory has been by entire school life in UK. I made some of my closest friends there, engaged myself in a lot extracurricular activities like acting and dancing. Coming home to the scrumptious food cooked by my Mum used to be the highlight of my day.

  1. 2.     What items one can find in your hand bag?

I don’t carry very big hand bags. Just a small bag with basics like cash, my cards, kajal, perfume and my iPad mini.

  1. 3.     When did you discover that singing is your field? Why you opted to sing in Pakistan?

I didn’t consider making singing my full time career till Maahiya became a hit. I had only released Maahiya because I enjoyed singing and wanted to come out with something. I moved to Pakistan because this is where I had released my song and received acclaim from.

  1. 4.     How many siblings do you have? And is any one of them planning to join showbiz industry?

I have 2 brothers and one elder sister. My sister is happily married and a full time Mum. My brothers live in UK and no, none of them have any plans of joining the showbiz.

  1. 5.     You started your career at a very young age. Do you have any god father/mother in media industry?

My God father/mother have only been my parents who constantly supported me and pushed me when at times I felt like giving up.

  1. 6.     You spent most of your life in UK, did you feel left out in the start of your career?

I never felt left out because I was from abroad. I gelled in, made some friends and acquaintances, some people I didn’t get along that well with…but then aren’t these things faced by everyone in any given field?

  1. 7.     You have risen above disastrous circumstances. What changes do you feel in your personality after that debacle?

I feel that now I cherish the simple pleasures of life much more. Enjoying a cup of chai with my Mum seems like an ideal night for me now. I have not blocked anyone out, I still have a close knit circle of friends just like I used to but I enjoy those moments I spend with them much more than I used to.

  1. 8.     What is the importance of live performances in a singer’s life?

No singer can be a professional without live performances.

  1. 9.     Who is your favorite Pakistani singer from the current lot?

I really like Asim Azhar’s music. He is doing a genre which no one is and that’s makes him stand out from the current lot.

10.There are too few female singers in Pakistan. Do they share professional jealousies?

I don’t think so. We are all doing well and mostly doing different genres so we don’t have that clash either.

11.You carry your hair beautifully. Do you consider yourself a trend setter in making curly hair acceptable in Pakistan?

Thank you. I don’t know about that but I cannot deny that my hair is definitely my signature look. I receive messages from girls all across the globe asking me about my hair care routine!

12.What is your style statement?

My style statement is casual and comfortable with a touch of glamour.

13.What was the best news you heard about yourself which wasn’t true?

Well, I once saw this one website had put up a picture of me with SRK and said that I am doing a movie with him! The picture was actually from a concert I had performed at in Kuala Lampur and had bumped into him backstage.

14.The worst gossip you heard?

There used to be a lot but now I have just stopped reading any news about me. I feel it is so much easier that way.

15.Who writes the lyrics of your songs?

Mostly I do myself but I also have a team of writers who help me out specially in Urdu and Punjabi.

16.Why after Mahiya none of your tracks could impress listeners at large?

Well, I have received positive response for a lot of my music. Mahiya is more like my signature song and I will always be known for that. I guess I cannot change that and that is fine. Musicians all across the globe have a signature song.

17.What was your longest performance till date?

There have been numerous actually. Cannot think of any one in particular.

18.Can we take “Tharki Sala” as your come back song? What is the message of this song?

Yes #TharkiSala is more or less my comeback song in Pakistan, even though I did some collaboration last year in the UK with Rishi Rich and Beenie Man. #TharkiSala is a non-serious fun song about guys who enjoy checking out girls and how girls respond to that.

19.What challenges working women face and how should they handle them?

There are a lot of challenges working women face. To handle them, I would suggest you have to draw certain lines for yourself in your head and never cross them. Sometimes, it may be hard for people to digest the idea of a woman working and living life on her own terms. Never give in to the negativity and keep doing what you are.

20.We won’t ask you for details, but are you dating someone right now?

No I am not.

21.Everyone takes his/her inspiration from something or someone, who do you take inspiration from and whose inspiration are you?

My biggest inspiration is undoubtedly Britney Spears.

22.Do you have any plans of working for neighboring countries? If you get an acting offer will you accept?

Right now I am working in Pakistan, but being an international artist I would love to represent Pakistan in whatever ways I can. I am open to exploring new avenues given the opportunity that comes along is something that excites me.

23.Terrorism and political uncertainty have adversely affected our music industry. What measures on personal levels are required to overcome this situation?

I would say please don’t get depressed. We have an unfortunate situation but it is our country at the end of the day. We are the ones who have to live here. Just stay safe and allow our security people to do their job smoothly.

24.What’s your favorite place to dine in?

I love a lot of places in Lahore. Espresso, Cosa Nostra, Coffee Tea & Company is some places I regularly go to.

25.Does Annie plan things out? Where do you see yourself in next five years?

I don’t honestly. I just go with the flow and live each day on its own.