KARACHI: A saga that begins with murder, turns to obsession, metamorphoses into love, and finally converts into ‘Ishq’, Khaani has all the ingredients to make a drama devotee fall head over heels.

Starring the gorgeous Sana Javed and very versatile Feroze Khan, Khaani has captivated its audience from the time the drama serial released its teaser trailer. Now in its conclusive phase, fans are hooked about what will happen.

This is wherein the crux of this blockbuster serial lies that Mir Hadi will ultimately pay for all his sins. The only question is, how? It all depends on Khaani and her family. The judge has already broken his pen after giving the decision of Mir Hadi being hanged to death for the murder of Khaani’s brother ‘Sarim’.

If he is simply hanged without attaining the forgiveness, he so desires from the love of his life Khaani, the drama will not be able to appease its audience. There will be no resolution to the basic love story and a sense of incompleteness will remain.

On the other hand, Mir Hadi could go free because of Khoonbaha or blood money. This will not only become like an unrealistic Hindi film, it will also mean that people do not receive the due they must. Second last episode showed us that how Mir Hadi’s mom went to beg Khaani’s mother for forgiveness, not only for Hadi’s crimes, but for her own mistakes as well. It was evident that Khaani’s mother was shaken and at a loss on how to react or comfort the sobbing mother in front of her.

The closure of the drama depends on whether or not Khaani will be able to find it in her heart to forgive Mir Hadi now because he is about to die and has changed as a person.

Mir Hadi has requested a meeting with Khaani as his last wish before he is hanged to death. From what we have seen of Khaani’s soft and tender nature so far, even though she was completely against it at the first mention, she agrees to meet Mir Hadi as per his last wish. Whether or not she is able to forgive him her twin’s murder is another story altogether.

We already know from the middle episodes that Khaani did fall in love with the guy who sent her anonymous presents, but will Mir Hadi be able to rekindle that warmth somewhat in their last meet up? What it comes down to though, is that for Khaani letting go of his heinous crimes is pretty impossible. Many fans (of Feroze Khan) hope that now Mir Hadi has reformed, Khaani will forgive his wrong doings.

The next episode promo also depicted Mir Hadi being taken to the death pulpit. Will he really be hanged or will Khaani and her family agree to forego his hanging and agree to a life in prison?

Let’s see what happens in the last episode of Khaani. Stay tuned to check out how this mega hit drama serial comes to an end.