KARACHI - Caretaker Federal Minister of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Muhammad Yousuf Shaikh has urged the different communities to avoid hatred material and misuse or incitement to violence on social media. Talking to The Nation, the federal minister said that the liberty of a person’s activities and the promotion on social media is a good thing but it should not play the emotions of one or group and harm any sect by violating basic fundamental rights.

He said this practice should not violate basic laws of individual or any group under constitutional rights, in the society intolerance, misuse of discrimination, incitement to violence and violence against persons based on political or religious or belief will destroy the image of country.

Ministry of Religious Affairs has emphasised different religious scholars to promote Interfaith Harmony among all and avoid mere propaganda each other. We should raise brotherhood environment by enjoying rights of everyone and all the sects without cast ad creed, we should create a harmony among all humans, while government has made efforts to ensure transparency in facilitating and processing of Haj applications, he said.  Yousuf Shaikh has declared that there is no other means of objectives in the short period, but caretaker government will serve under the law according to objectives only conducting fare and free elections, by creating harmony among all religious and political groups without any differences in due course of time.

He stressed religious scholars and politicians to develop proper image of country during peaceful election process and best way by the promotion of interfaith harmony and good characteristics.