KARACHI - Mohjair Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi (MQM-H) led by Afaq Ahmed has kicked off its election campaign in the city.

The party that sticks to Mohajir identity has kept creation of Southern Sindh Province as key demand in its policy along with efforts for the port city that has been deprived of rights since decades.

MQM-Haqqiqi has not fielded candidates from all Karachi‘s constituencies and preferred to bring party candidate in the contest from the areas where majority of residents belong to Mohajir community. For the first time MQM-Haqqiqi after decades has been witnessed insightful in various District Central of Karachi while in past the party remained in the perimeter Landhi, Korangi and some parts of Lines Area. Furthermore MQM-Haqqiqi has also fielded candidates from the constituencies of Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas. 

Party is not facing any obstacle in running election campaign in Karachi and till now the party workers along with the candidates holding meeting in various constituencies said a senior MQM-Haqqiqi senior leader Naeem Hashmat while talking to The Nation. So far, MQM-Haqqiqi has opened about 23 party offices in various area of city that includes Gulshan-e-Iqbal, New Karachi, Liaquatabad, Landhi, Malir, Korangi and Dohra Jee, he added.

It is unfortunate in past party was not given space to run its political activities in city and it also restricted to run its campaign in last general elections, he said adding the entire situation was quite different from past and now the candidates were holding corner meeting and sharing the manifesto of party.  

He said that after the departure of the so-called stake holder of the city, Mohajir community is eying towards Afaq Ahmed as man who can bring Mohajirs out of crisis. In last 34 years the people those remained in power has done nothing visible for resident of Karachi. People were aware and now they see MQM-Haqqiqi as an alternative force, he added.

Naeem further said that people those think that Mohajir vote has been divided is actually living in fool paradise. Mohajirs are united and on Election Day they will show their support in favor of party candidates.

Sharing the details about MQM-Haqqiqi candidates for National Assembly, he informed that party has field Mohammad Hanif Khan for NA-226, Salman Ahmed for NA-237, Naeem Hashmat for NA-239, Afaq Ahmed for NA-240, Mohammad Shahid Faraz for NA-241, Syed Kamran Ali Rizvi for NA-243, Syed Akhter Hussain Shah Bhukhari Advocate for NA-244, Shafique Ahmed for NA-245, Javaid Iqbal for NA-247, Mohammad Ishaq for NA-250, Mohammad Farooq Advocate for NA-253, Afaq Ahmed for NA-254, Faizan Ahmed for NA-255.

Similarly, Mohammad Farhan for PS-44, Salman Salam for PS-47, Syed Sarwar Fareed Shah for PS-65, Mohammad Usman Canadi for PS-66, Rashid Ahmed for PS-67, Rao Muhammad Kashif Hayat for PS-88, Maqbool Ahmed for PS-89, Rida Asim for PS-92, Shah Nawaz for PS-93, Arif Azam for PS-94, Tanveer Qureshi for PS-95, Mohammad Saleem Sheikh for PS-96, Mohammad Rizwan for PS-97, Syed Mohammad Zahoor for PS-98, Mohammad Marjan for PS-99, Syed Kashif Ali for PS-101, Sheikh Ariful Rehman for PS-102, Mohammad Akber for PS-103, Shaheen Adnan for PS-104, Khalid Hameed for PS-105, Laique Ahmed for PS-106, Mohammad Asad for PS-114, Irshad Qureshi for PS-118, Naeem Qureshi for PS-121, Haseena Amjad for PS-122, Syed Kamran Ali Rizvi for PS-123, Amir Akhter Siddiqui for PS-124, Mohammad Shahid Faraz for PS-125, Anila Liaquait for PS-126, Faizan Khan for PS-127, Khizer Ali for PS-128.

Meanwhile, commenting on the election campaign of political parties in Karachi, MQM-Haqqiqi Chairman Afaq Ahmed without naming Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) said that efforts were being made to give space to a specific party in Karachi. He further termed in an attempt to snatch the mandate of the Mohajir Community. The underway process of enforcement of specific party is in real violation democratic norms while the players who have initiated this game would get nothing in return but these acts would place a big question mark on the transparency of general election, added Afaq. Talking about the party activities in the District Central, he said that the it is good sign that resident of district had given warm welcome to the party candidates and assured their support on the election day. He asked the workers to avoid any confrontation with the opponent and focus on the party election campaign.