The PML-N government might be receiving abundant praise for shedding its religious incline, but the unfair circulation of its funds might just undo that. Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has accused the Punjab government to not spend development funds in other areas except in Lahore. With re-election on their mind, one can only wonder what justifications they have and what other matters opposition parties will use against them.

The accusation made was that despite PML-N ruling the Punjab province for the last eight years and declaring only Rs15 billion development projects, they still had not released any funds for these projects. Calling the rulers of “Takht-e-Lahore”, Bilawal demanded accountability. Of course, the young man should be reminded of the sad state of affairs in the interior of his home province, but let’s look at the activity of the ruling party to assess whether there is any truth to these statements. Though this may all just be the opposition taking a jab at the ruling party, opposition parties have collectively decided to launch a joint protest against the government for not sharing development funds, where the PML-N government will be given a tough time over the issue at Punjab Assembly’s 20th session. It is no secret that Lahore neighbouring districts, with similar demographics and similar problems, receive different treatment depending on the flag that flies from their representative’s office.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been accused of directing Finance Minister Ishaq Dar to arrange around Rs300 billion for development schemes at the constituencies of the ruling party’s MNAs in a bid to secure their re-election in the next general election – calculated at 1 billion per MNA per year. These allocations are legally suspect, but it remains to be seen in what manner the opposition can stop the ruling party from such politicking. The party is a juggernaut, and it’s going to be hard for the opposition to take them down next election.

The problem is that much of the related financial activity that goes on is questionable but as the dominant party they get away with it; and the opposition parties… they are no different when they hold power.