PESHAWAR               -           The district administration South Waziristan tribal district estab­lished two new quarantine centres in the wake of rise in coronavirus cases in the province.

These quarantines were set up at Government Degree College, Ladha and Army Public School at Sarar­ogha, an official statement here said.

The administration has already set up seven quarantine centers with a capacity to accommodate 167 patients in South Waziristan.

Two isolation facilities have also been set up at the DHQ Hospital Wana and Sholam Hospital.

As many as 45 doctors, 87 nursing staff, seven ambulances, six ventila­tors and 140 personnel protective equipment (PPEs) in eights health facilities of South Waziristan, in­cluding DHQ Hospital Wana, Sho­lam Hospital, THQ Hospital Toi Khula, THQ Hospital Sarvekai, MHF Tiarza, MHF Ladha, CH Sararogha and BHU Kotyagistan Makin were ready to help patients.

Rations are being provided to people who have been quarantined.

The district administration South Waziristan have started enlisting of the data of traders and food items were being transported into the district.

At the two entry points Khargai and Gardai, the district adminis­tration enlisted the data of food ra­tions and to whom it is being sup­plied in Wana and other markets