ISLAMABAD - President Pervez Musharraf has started consultations with his close friends over his resignation and post-resignation issues, sources privy to the developments revealed this to Waqt News while requesting anonymity.  The sources close to the President said the first formal advice was given during a private meeting by a close friend soon after the restoration of deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on 20th July,  2007 but President did not pay heed. Second advice was passed to Musharraf after February 18 elections, which was again ignored by him since he was very confident and banking on his close contacts with Pakistan People's Party (PPP).  They said this time Musharraf opened his hearts in front of his friends and asked how embarrassing it would be if he resigned. He also discussed with them the strategy for a safe exit from the corridors of power.  The sources said Musharraf's friends are being consulted on this important issue and they are considering ways to tackle post-resignation scenario vis-a-vis the PPP and Pakistan Muslim League-N.  They said Musharraf wants 'honourable exit' and assurance that he would not be tried even if he leaves the country.  Musharraf is seeking help of an ailing friend who is also close to Sharifs to earn a safe exit on terms which would also be acceptable to PML-N.