On 28th May and 30th May, 1998 Pakistan carried out 6 successful nuclear blasts by a team of nuclear scientists in Chaghi ranges of Balochistan. This was of course in response to India's 5 nuclear explosions carried out on 11th and 13th May, 1998. It was a day of great rejoicing for the Pakistani nation as we became the first Muslim state with atomic power against the wishes of the USA, the only super power. Ever since our successful nuclear explosions, all the Western powers especially the USA started a campaign to neutralise our nuclear capabilities and making our life difficult like imposing sanctions, stopping various aid programmes etc. After the incident of 9/11, the USA got an excuse of chasing terrorists in the Islamic countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan etc and moved their troops in these countries along with their intelligence network. To destabilise Pakistan was part of the big game plan made by CIA in collaboration with MOSSAD and RAW. Our Intelligence agencies know very well which powers are behind unrest in Baluchistan, Northern areas and for other terrorist activities in settled areas of Pakistan. For reasons best known to the government, the rulers are quiet on all such activities and fighting a war against unknown enemy on the pretext of war against terrorism as dictated by the USA. Pakistan has become a 7th Nuclear State on the globe and hence it should behave like an assertive and dignified nuclear power. The nuclear states and their leaders dont go begging around the world and dont receive the leaders of western powers as if they are criminals. The case in point is the recent visit of Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state and Admiral Mike Mullen of the USA. One could see the faces and body language of our political leaders including our President, the Army Chief, DG ISI who were meeting the US team as if we were their most obedient servants and getting the admonishing of our masters. This conduct of our leaders was most shameful. In fact they were guilty of violating our sovereignty and attacking Pakistan (their close ally in their war on terror). Our leaders should have been showing upper hand in the discussion rather than being apologetic. The leaders of two nuclear states are at par on the negotiating table. We must have self-respect on such occasions and display an aura of being a nuclear state. What are we afraid of as a Muslim state, if we have our hands clean. A true Muslim fears only Allah, the Almighty. Unfortunately, our leaders are corrupt and have their assets abroad and fear that their wealth may not be forfeited if they show self-esteem to super power. There is a famous Persian proverb which should have been our way of conduct ever since we became the Nuclear Power. It is (Gurba Kushtan Roz-e-Awwal) meaning kill the cat the very first day. If we had downed the first drone attacking our areas, the USA or NATO forces would not have dared to come again in our sovereign territories. Similarly if we had prosecuted the insurgents of Baluchistan with wide publicity of Indian involvement who have been providing them funds and weapons, no power would have dared to come into our areas. Do such things happen in other nuclear power states? There is no incident in USA after 9/11. We are complacent in taking actions as we have corrupt government as pointed out by the secretary of state during her recent visit (all our leaders listening). All our leaders were sitting with long pulled down faces. A nuclear Pakistan should not have such leaders who cannot sit upright before leaders of guilty country who attacked our sovereignty. Why could we not tell them that we dont want their help and we can handle terrorism on our own? And ask them "thank you very much and please withdraw your troops". Our present leadership both military and civil is corrupt, full of scandals and incompetent. They must resign for their failures and let some one more competent and honest people replace them. No one is indispensable and no extensions are justified. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, May 28.