ISLAMABAD - US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter has said that the recent Pak-US high-level engagement has helped mitigate misunderstanding between the two countries and both the allies have agreed to take joint action against high-value al-Qaeda and other targets in future. In an interview with TheNation, the ambassador said that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has assured Pakistani leaders that the US is not after Pakistans nuclear assets, telling them that US wants the country to see as a strong, developed and prosperous state. When asked about deterioration of ties after US unilateral operation in Abbottabad, Munter said the highly-placed state functionaries in Washington held their breath and were worried about the future Pak-US relationship. But thats over now, the envoy said. To the question that whether there came some tough moments during the meeting of Hillary Clinton and US Chairman Joints Chiefs of Staff Committee Mike Mullen with the Pakistani leadership at the President House, the ambassador dispelled the impression, saying that the talks were held in a pleasant atmosphere and both sides openly expressed their views. He admitted that there was created bad blood between the armed forces of the two countries but now the relations were returning to normalcy. When asked how he sees the political situation in Pakistan, the ambassador said that there was more political stability after the joining of government by the Pakistan Muslim League-Q.