ISLAMABAD  – Unannounced power cuts in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have disturbed routine life as most parts witnessed hours’ long loadshedding besides scheduled power outages.

The urban and rural areas affiliated with the twin cities like other parts of the country are worst hit by hours’ long power outages with the increase in mercury but no remedy seems to work in the near future. The residents of various sectors including G-7, G-6, G-9 of federal capital talking to INP complained that hide and seek of electricity is extremely troublesome and peoples have resorted to alternate ways to save themselves from scorching heat.

Muhammad Tariq, a resident of Sector G-9/4, said that they were already disturbed enough by scheduled loadshedding but hours’ long outages was an absolute cruelty with the poor masses. “People used to protest against scheduled loadshedding in the past and then we agree with scheduled power cut but the concerned authorities are testing our patience through excessive unannounced loadshedding,” he added.

Meanwhile, various parts of Rawalpindi have been witnessing 2-3 hours unannounced loadshedding accompanied by routine power cut. Liaqat Jadoon, a resident of 22 No Chungi, said that power suspension has resulted in sleepless nights for them besides water shortage. People from all walks of life threatened that they would take to roads if government failed to end unannounced loadshedding.