KARACHI - Prominent journalist and writer Mahmood Sham's book titled, ‘Indifference in the time of extremism' has been launched, the organisers said here on Sunday.

Speaking on the occasion, Mahmood Sham called for honing the talent and abilities of journalists, especially those in the electronic media by holding workshops and training sessions.

He also read out excerpts from his book and observed that at times electronic media do commit errors but there is no doubt about the talent and wisdom of people attached to this sector.

He was of the view that there is a gap of technology between the electronic and print media as electronic is much ahead of print media but those in print media are literary in nature and take advantage of libraries'. In journalism, he opined, no one can be made a reporter or sub-editor without proper training whereas in some of the cases electronic media gets `hold of the mike on the very first day'.

He told a questioner that he was satisfied with his career.