The elections of Tennis body of Pakistan are over. It was one election in which not one but all contestants were very active and were genuine supporters of the game. Mr. Kaleem Imam, the IG police of Islamabad who is undoubtedly himself a good player of tennis won the contest and now hopefully with such a person heading it, tennis could be thought to be safe in Pakistan. But will Pakistani tennis flourish beyond individual efforts remains a big question? The pool of tennis players is much smaller than that of cricket players. If one has to get an idea how much promotion tennis needs, one has to look at the unused tennis courts in various sectors of Islamabad where nobody plays. Nets have been stolen and even ball-boys and coaches do not bother to turn up. Tennis is an expensive game and that is one reason for its decline. The previous tennis federation President Dilawar Abbass claimed he was financing the federation from his own pocket. He too was a good player and supporter of the game. I sincerely hope that the incumbent president would turn the tables and truly promote tennis. DR. MANSOOR ELAHI, Islamabad, November 28.