Turbat, which is the largest and most populated city of Baluchistan is the victim of many crimes. 60% of it’s population is unemployed even when most have completed their graduation. This deprivation has led to an increase in crime rate. The CPEC plan was to build a strong economy for Pakistan and produce thousands to jobs. But province Baluchistan has yet to see any of the promised benefits. This is the reason behind horrible news on the television. The news of robbery and murders are now common. It is pauperism which is making Pakistan weaker. The number of young and children who should be studying are seen begging in front of the bus stops, hospitals and other public places. Which is a kind of crime as well like the ones increasing in Turbat. Unemployment is now the biggest source of destruction of the country, resulting in biggest crime and leading our country towards destruction. Thus, I appeal to the government to provide more jobs to the citizens of Turbat. 


kech, November 17.