ISLAMAABD  -   UK-based Pakistani tennis sensation Shamael Chaudry continued his giant-killing run in the 32nd Federal Cup National Ranking Tennis Championship-2018 as he eliminated 8th seed Heera Ashiq of Lahore in a sizzling three sets quarterfinal played here at Senator Dilawar Abbas PTF Tennis Complex on Wednesday.

It was expected to be a cakewalk for Davis Cupper Heera Ashiq to beat un-seeded Shamael. But Shamael had different ideas in store. In the first set Shamael and Heera hold their respective serves and it was 6-6, which Heera won on tie-break. In the second set both players displayed high standard of tennis with the combination of forehand and backhand drives and again did not allow each other to break the game and set was yet again decided in the tie-break, but this time it was Shamael, who won the set.

In the third and final set, once again both players showed their excellent game by displaying powerful ground strokes of cross court and it was once again 6-6 and the outcome of the match was decided in the tie-break which Shamael managed to win.

In the second quarter final, 3rd seed Muzammil Murtaza struggled to win his encounter against upcoming Muhammad Shoaib in a well-contested two-set match whereas top seed Aqeel Khan and un-seeded Abid Ali Akbar proved too good against their respective opponents and reached the semi-finals. Aqeel will face Muzammil Murtaza whereas Abid Ali Akber takes on Shamael Chaudhry in the semi-finals. In junior U-18 category, top seed M Shoaib, 6th seed Ahmed Asjad, 4th seed Abdullah Adnan and second seed Ahmed Kamil marched into the semi-finals after beating their respective opponents in the quarter finals.

In the ladies singles all the seeded players moved into the semi-finals after beating their respective opponents.