KARACHI       -        Zubab Rana is one those graceful television actresses who have earned their name in the industry solely because of their stunning performances and professional acting quality.

The young rising star has a unique acting caliber and on top of that is breathtakingly beautiful. She is the perfect example of beauty with brains as she is very keen on selecting what type of roles she plays.

This year is definitely the year of success for ZubabRana as one of her dramas; Bandish, where she played the role of Hania ended with a high reception. Currently, two of her dramas – ishtayBiktayHain and MehboobApkeQadmo Mein are going on air, both equally amazing and both with absolutely stunning performances by ZubabRana. MehboobApkeQadmo Mein is receiving a high critical response from the viewers because it has a unique storyline, surrounding the evils of black magic.

ZubabRana plays the role of Sunaina, a very full of life kind of a young girl who is in love with Arsim. Both of them want to get married as soon as possible, but things start falling apart when Arsim’s sister-in-law Shazia comes home, who is secretly in love with him. She uses the power of black magic to keep Arsim to herself and causes trouble for everyone associated with him.

With such a strong storyline to carry forward, it becomes a huge responsibility for the actors to do justice to their characters and ZubabRana’s acting in this specific drama calls for appreciation as she makes her acting so believable that you can’t help but feel for Sunaina.

There are scenes in the drama that will give you goosebumps and you will be taken into the scene because of how real it looks. That is the power of ZubabRana’s acting in the drama.

Sunaina is a tough character to play as it requires her to go through many different phases in the drama. She is a protected single child of her parents who have kept her untouched from all the harms and she knows nothing about the evils of the world. She is absolutely innocent when it comes to tricky people.

Her character starts with a girl in love who just wants to get married to the love of her life, but soon she is hit with things that she had never even imagined. ZubabRana performs her role with such dedication that it all looks believable and real. Her style of portraying innocence when she sights fear, and the way she transforms herself into her character is commendable. She has a hold of her character and she is giving her a hundred percent to this performance.

We cannot wait to see what is in hold for Sunaina, as Shazia is ready to go any lengths in order to keep her away from Arsim. Moreover, we want to see how ZubabRana will handle her character as Sunaina when things begin to heat up.