SWABI   -   A dispute over a piece of land claimed eight lives in Chota Lahore tehsil of Swabi district, police said yesterday. A family from Chota Lahore and another from Yar Hussain village were attending a jirga to settle a dispute over a piece of land when they exchanged arguments, leading to an armed clash. In addition to eight deaths, two people were injured. According to personnel of Chota Lahore City Police Station, three people were killed from one party and five from the other party. The victims were rushed to the Chota Lahore hospital. Those killed were identified as Waqas Khan, Sikandar Khan, Obaid Khan, Akmal Khan, Nasir Khan, Ubaidullah, and Saeedur Rahman.  The injured were admitted to the Bacha Khan Hospital in Shahmansoor area of the district.