KARACHI  - The extortion mafia has now turned to owners of private schools in Karachi, as 10 private schools running in Korangi Town of the city metropolis have received extortion chits, demanding hundreds of thousands each, The Nation has learned.

Owners of private schools after receiving demanded the provincial government to provide safety and security to the private schools of the area and including owners. 

According to one of the owners, around four or five proprietors have given extortion money to criminals to save their lives and property.

He said that during the last three months these schools received extortion chits, but now the all private schools have united against criminal demands.

 The new wave of criminal activities by the extortionists questions the operation being carried out against the extortionists, target killers and other criminals in various parts of the city. 

One of the owners, informed The Nation that owners of private schools of the said town had called on the officials of Pakistan Rangers to highlight the issue among law enforcers.

He said that Ranger officials assured private schools that they are increasing contingent of rangers.

The rangers’ officials advised them to complain CPLS also and concerned police station.       

He said that there are many groups who are demanding extortion money from traders and private schools, while the government seems helpless.

The harassed schools’ owners are waiting for strict legal action against the extortionists, who are trying to derail the educationa system from the track.

 He pointed out that some proprietors of private schools deny received any chit of extortion mafia due to security reasons. “We have already informed the concerned police officials about the matter, while planning to contact CPLS also”, they maintained.