LAHORE - The Pakistan Cricket Board Monday announced the Calendar for its Domestic Season 2009-10. The Domestic season already started with Regional Inter District u-19 tournament which will be completed on October 18 Oct followed by Quaid-e-Azam Trophy first class tournament from October 10 till December 24. A total of 22 teams (13 Regional & 9 Departments) divided into 2 Groups will participate. Bottom two departmental teams will be relegated to Patron's Trophy Grade-II Tournament for the next season i.e. 2010-2011. Pentangular Cup also First Class Tournament will start from January 1 2010 till February 4 2010. Five teams will participate in this tournament. Top two teams from each group of Quaid-e-Azam Trophy 2009-2010 (two Departmental and two Regional Teams) and one Rest of Pakistan will participate in this tournament. The Rest of Pakistan Team will be selected by the National Selection Committee. The National One Day Tournament RBS Cup will start from February 10 to 23. a total of 22 teams divided into four groups will compete in this tournament. The Patron's Trophy Grade-II will start from February 27 till April 4. in all 20 teams divided into 4 Groups. Both the finalist teams will be promoted to Quaid-e-Azam Trophy for the next season i.e. 2010-2011 The most popular domestic tournament RBS Twenty-20 Cup will commence from March 20 to 24. Total 13 regional teams will contest for RBS Twenty-20 Cup. Details of the Domestic Calendar 2009-2010 is as follows: Regional Inter District U-19 Tournament, 16th Aug. 2009 to 16th Oct. 2009, 82 Teams Regional Inter District U-19 Tournament, 17th Aug. 2009 to 18th Oct. 2009, 82 Teams Quaid-e-Azam Trophy (First Class), 10th Oct. 2009 to 24th Dec. 2009, 13 Regional Teams & 9 Departments, 22 Teams, 2 Groups Inter Region U-19 (One Day), 4th Nov. 2009 to 21st Nov. 2009, 13 Teams, 2 Groups, Pentangular Cup (First Class), 1st Jan. 2010 to 4th Feb. 2010, 5 Teams RBS Cup (One Day), 10th Feb. 2010 to 23rd Feb. 2010, 22 Teams, 4 Groups Patron's Trophy Grade-II, 27th Feb. 2010 to 4th Apr. 2010, 20 Teams, 4 Groups, 43 Matches RBS Twenty-20 Cup, 20th Mar. 2010 to 24th Mar. 2010, 13 Teams Regional Inter District Sr. Tournament, 8th Apr. 2010 to 27th Apr. 2010, 82 Teams