Okara   -   Okara police launched a crackdown against cattle lifters on the directions of District Police Officer (DPO) Okara, Umar saeed Malik, and arrested a gang including their ring leader. The police also recovered stolen cattle-head, money, and illegal weapons from their possession. According to a spokesperson of district police, people of the district were being robbed by the cattle lifter gang. DPO Okara Umar Saeed Malik constituted a special team under the supervision of SHO PS Hujra Shah Maqueem to arrest the cattle thieves. SHO PS Hujra Shah Maqueem with the assistance of SDPO Depalpur Abid Hussain Zafar arrested M Ashraf alias Ashu, Noor Hussain and Fayyaz and recovered cattle-head worth of Rs13 lac, cash Rs20 and also illegal weapons. DPO Okara appreciated SHO PS Hujra Shah Maqueem Malik Arshad and announced cash prize and commendation certificates for the police team.