Respected Prime Minister Imran Khan and my honorable nation,

A flag is not only an identical mark of nation but also story of pride and dignity. It’s not a mere piece of cloth but also shows sacrifice and struggle. Though, all of us claim to be patriot in our capacity and dream to wave Pakistan’s flag at world arena, but most often we disrespect it unintentionally.  

The national flag of Pakistan was adopted in present form during the first constituent assembly on August 11, 1947. Green part of, Syed Amir Uddin Kedwaii’s designed flag, represents Islam and the majority of Muslims while, white stripe represents minorities in Pakistan. In the centre, a crescent and star symbolize progress and light.

Pakistani nation loves to celebrate Independence Day by decorating streets, homes and other properties by small and large flags. They try to give an impression of patriotism and their possessiveness towards the country. But Alas! They show disrespect by not lowering it. After bearing rain and harsh weathers of day after day, it starts looking shabby and tattered.

I personally experienced many places in my surroundings where such flags are waving and only any storm can lower them.

I travel through motorway occasionally, but during my last journey, I could not hold my gaze while waiting in long que, some old and scruffy flags at the top of Ravi Motorway toll plaza, and when I start counting such flags they were dozens in number waving on the top of many buildings, throughout my 1 hour and 35 minutes long journey.

Besides this, anyone can observe and count such flags in their locality and on important public and private places.

Being a citizen of Pakistan, if we feel weak but still want to do something for our country then we can respect our flag at least, may guide people to change it by a new one or lower that flag the very evening of Independence Day and save that for any next national day or event i.e. 6th September, 25th December and even for 23rd March.

The government should restrict the local bodies and other city administrations to remove such tattered flags from important places. We have to educate our children to pick any flag and keep that to any safe place if they find them on roads/streets and also direct the parents to lower flags after sunset from their rooftops.

Let’s make a resolution to respect it and spread this message all around, because one rule is quite simple, 'respect your flag, it will respect you back'.


A 'concerned' Pakistani.