I am a recent graduate of UVS and would like to make the following submissions for consideration of your readers. Imagine how high the demand for a fuel must be that car manufacturers are forced to produce cars customized to run on that? In United States, the ethanol fuel mixtures have become so commonplace that US itself has become the world's largest ethanol producer. The ethanol was discovered in the 90's but it has now gained such popularity that most cars in the US run on ethanol blends of up to 10% ethanol, (E10) as it is called. At present, leading manufacturers are working on creating engines that would run on a much higher ethanol content. Why is so much focus being placed on ethanol? Because bio-fuels are the future and ethanol-blended gasoline is a bio-fuel. In our country also, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) had launched E10 gasoline last year. It is known worldwide as 'the poor man's fuel' because it is cheaper than the regular petrol. It is also good for environment because it reduces the carbon monoxide emissions and improves fuel octane. Since ethanol is derived from agricultural by-products, it is readily available in an agro-based economy like Pakistan. Ethanol production supports farmers and creates domestic jobs that are green. I feel more people need to be educated about this product because it fulfils needs of common man, helps environment and stimulates economy--all at the same time. Widespread use of bio-fuels can eventually help decrease our dependence on foreign oil too. -ANAM GHAFFAR, Lahore, August 28.