While addressing a press conference Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has stated that baseless allegations were raised against me in Multan Metro Bus scandal.

"If even corruption of one penny proved against me, I will be present for accountability," he said. 

The Chief Minister further said that allegation of corruption of Rs 3 billion were put on me which is totally false and fake. "Baseless propaganda was done against me by some private news channels," he said. 

The Chief Minister further stated that there were nine contractors for nine section of the whole project. "All contractors wrote that there was no corruption in this whole project," he mentioned. 

Through this maligned propaganda, even friend countries like China and Saudi Arabia are being targeted. "These countries are being targeted in this dirty game," he maintained. 

Shahbaz Sharif further said that name of a company named Capitac was used and after investigation, it was proved that there is no company with this name. 

"It was also said that I wrote a praising letter to Chinese companies but this letter is in capital words and I have never signed a letter with capital words," CM Shahbaz added. 

"Even the numbering on this letter is wrong," he said. 

He slammed his critics stating that they should come to practical ground and compete me. 

While talking about the actors behind this conspiracy, CM Shahbaz said that Land Mafia is behind all this propaganda. "These are people who have captured millions of acres of lands of poor people," he asserted. 

"I am ready to face any consequences and ready to fight with this mafia," he said. 

While discussing Panama case and Supreme Court's verdict, Chief Minister said that if accountability will stop just on ouster of Nawaz Sharif then this is not true accountability. 

"This will be death of accountability in Pakistan," he said. "Billions of dollars were lost in Rental Power Plants, NICL scandal and other such projects but there is no accountability for them," he mentioned. 

The Chief Minister further talked about Trump's statement about Pakistan and mentioned that he gave a strong response to it. "We don't need American money and since 2010 I have not taken US Aid for Punjab because there is no compromise on integrity of out country," he emphasized. 

He further raised question about accountability of politicians whose names came in Panama Leaks. 

He also targeted PTI Chairman Imran Khan and PTI leader Jahangir Tareen stating that he had served notices to them but they haven't showed in the court. 

"They should be ashamed on their false allegations and should appear before court," he asserted. 

The Chief Minister further said that he has also served notice to that private news channel who reported this fake news. "If the channel will not reply the notice in next 48 hours then issue will be taken to the court and nation should its accountability," he said.