BAHAWALPUR-As Eidul Azha is approaching fast, a rush of buyers is being witnessed at the markets of sacrificial animal thus the prices have skyrocketed and been beyond the poor’s reach.

A large number of people leave cattle market with their beautiful sacrificial animals while hundreds of others leave the points disappointed as prices of animals have skyrocketed. It is almost impossible for a middle class person to buy a sacrificial animal.

In Bahawalpur, the cattle market has been situated at the Karachi Mor where the Local Government has provided some facilities but these are not enough to meet the requirements of sellers and buyers. There are no sufficient arrangements for drinking water for cattle and humans due to which the people have to face difficulties. The market also lacks sufficient arrangements to provide shelter from scorching sun for the cattle and vendors. However, some traders have brought in tents on their own for cattle.

A vendor namely Allah Wasaya told the media that he came from Ahmadpur East with his four goats and two bulls. He added that he was there for almost a week but sold only sold one goat. He said he had to bear expenses including the fodder for the cattle which costs him quite a lot. He said he had to include these charges in the prices of animals and the buyers say that the animals are so costly.

Touqeer Anwar, a resident of Islami Colony, said that he had bought a goat for Rs62,000. Another resident of Muhammadia Colony Hammad Rizvi said that he had been visiting cattle market for a couple of days and he had not been able to find an animal within his buying capacity. He added that the prices in the market were higher than those of last year. It seems that he will not be able to find a goat within his buying capacity, he said.

Meanwhile, two beautiful bulls have been brought in the Bahawalpur cattle market one is named after former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the other is named after the PTI Chairman Imran Khan. People are found circling around them getting a glimpse of their beauty.