LAHORE -  Senior PML-N leader Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa, who is just short of becoming an octogenarian, has confirmed contracting a second marriage with a young lady coming of a respected family of Khan of Kalat.

The marriage was solemnised at Karachi a few days back with members of the two families in attendance. The honeymoon period seems to be over as Khosa has now started his political activities and is currently in Islamabad to attend a meeting of Senate’s standing committee.  Sardar Khosa, who also served as Punjab Governor during second tenure of the PML-N government, officially confirmed the news of his second marriage while talking to The Nation on Wednesday. 

His 35 year-old bride, Faryal is 44 years younger than him. She is filthy rich with big houses in Balochistan and Karachi and has reportedly gifted costly cars to Khosa’s sons from his first wife. She has also been an office-bearer of the PML-N in Karachi for a long time.

Zulfiqar Khosa has three sons, Hassamuddin, Saifuddin and Dost Muhammad from his first wife Nadra Begum, stated to be one of the beautiful ladies of his time. The elderly Khosa has tied the knot reportedly after seeking permission from Nadra Begum who is suffering from a spinal bone disease and is on wheelchair. 

Though there is nothing unusual with the second marriage of a Sardar from DG Khan in a polygamous society he belongs to, but what has made it quite a news is the fact that he has made such a decision at an age when a known polygamist Ghulam Mustafa, five years younger than him, has announced to ‘call it a day’. Khosa is in 79th year of his life while Khar is 74.  Another Sardar from DG Khan, Sardar Latif Khosa, who is also a former Punjab Governor, is also living with two wives.

Sardar Khosa has been away from public life for quite some time especially after the story of his youngest son Dost Khosa allegedly having an affair with film star Sapna made headlines in the print and electronic media. 

This scribe contacted former Punjab Governor Malik Ghulam Mustafa Khar to seek his comment on Khosa’s second marriage. In the political families, Khar has set a record of contracting eight marriages which remains unbreakable till date. “I think he (Khosa) has done the right thing. It would have been quite embarrassing for elder Sardar if the people had heard the news of his affair with a young lady. It is always better to contract a marriage rather than indulging in extra marital relations,” Khar observed while talking to The Nation.

“I pray a happy married life for the couple,” he said.

About first wife of Zulfiqar Khosa, Khar said that Nadra Begum was one of the beautiful ladies of his time. “Despite being charming and beautiful, she was a pious and gentle lady who hailed from a spiritual and respected family of Hazrat Pir Dastgir,” Khar further informed this scribe. 

The former Punjab Governor has no plans to marry another woman in the near future. “I cannot think of marrying yet another woman at this stage. “I am living happily with my present wife who is quite younger than me,” he remarked, adding that he was not happy at the moment over his decision to marry over a half dozen ladies.

“It pains me a lot when I think of my offspring from my previous wives who are no more with me in this old age”.  He said he had three children from his present wife.