MANSEHRA: Newborn baby and mother has died due to staff's negligence in Balakot at a private hospital.

After the incident woman’s brother Ansar Mustafa and naib nazim of the area, Muhammad Akhtar started to protest against the hospital's administration.

They told the media that the woman was taken to the private hospital for delivery and female doctor was absent at the hospital. Midwives kept experimenting on the woman for 10 hours and administered an injection to her at the wrong time.

They further added that, baby died at the time of birth however woman remained in a critical condition. The midwives called an untrained driver to take her to a government hospital in their ambulance at midnight, but she died on the way.

There are four children of the deceased woman and her relatives demand to file a case against that hospital's staff. While, the hospital administration refused to comment on the matter.