PESHAWAR - Police recovered two bullet-riddled bodies in the limits of police station Inqilab Badhabera area. The two unidentified bodies have approximate age of 22 and 28, respectively.

The police said that the bodies had bullet stains in the head and abdominal regions.

Meanwhile, Chief Capital City police Qazi Jamil-ur-Rahman took notice of a video in which a police cope is shown accepting bribery in the premises of judicial complex Peshawar on Tuesday.

Chief Capital city police suspended the police personnel and ordered shifting him to quarter guard. The CCP appointed Waseem Riaz as inquiry officer to further probe the cop’s involvement in taking bribery. The police personal was identified Gul Sanam of Tehkal police station. Chief Capital City police ordered completion of inquiry within seven days.

He expressed concern over police taking bribes from the citizen and said that instead of taking bribes from the people, police should serve the public in time of trouble. He said that police personnel involved in bribery would strictly be punished for their malpractices.