KARACHI-Cheekh famed Bilal Abbas Khan is back with a bang in 2020 to star alongside the ever talented Yumna Zaidi of “IshqZaheNaseeb” in the new and the most anticipated drama ‘PyarKeSadkay’.

Bilal Abbas Khan previously known for his role of Wajih as an antagonist in the cult favorite drama of 2019 “Cheekh” has made it on screen with an entirely different character “Abdullah” this time. Directed by Faruq Rind, the drama is based on a story of teenage romance scripted by ZanjabeelAsim Shah. PyarKeSadqay presents a story of two very naive adolescents Bilal as Abdullah and Yumna as Mahjabeen in what appears to be a light-hearted comedy. The drama is a refreshing start to the year 2020 as a well-deserved break from intense dramas going on air lately.

The first episode of the show has aired after a long wait and Bilal Abbas Khan has already spun heads of the fans and followers with his immaculate portrayal of Abdullah. Bilal Abbas Khan has climbed up the ladder of success in a rather short time with versatility of his performance. After nailing his character as a villain in Cheekh, Khan has kept his winning streak this time as well with Abdullah.

Abdullah is a timid boy who is extremely scared of his father. The episode portrays Abdullah’s situation in a rather comic way but it also hints that Abdullah’s soft nature has a deeper side to it. Bilal Abbas Khan’s has managed to deliver Abdullah’s character with perfection, and we cannot wait to find out what happens next in Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s lives and how their relationship would sail.