ISLAMABAD - With violence surging again in Swat, a fresh major offensive is expected to be launched soon by the security forces against the Taliban militants. Local Taliban in Swat reportedly attacked a security post on Tuesday in Kabal area, which is nearly 40km away from Mingora, and took as hostages around 30 police and paramilitary forces' personnel. Before that the militants also killed three intelligence officials near the Matta area of Swat district on Monday. Soon after the gory incident, a Taliban spokesman accepted responsibility for the attack. Following those incidents, the security forces exchanged heavy fire with the militants in Kabal area. All this is happening when the local Taliban led by Maulvi Fazlullah, a close aide of the most influential Taliban commander in Pakistan Baitullah Mehsud, have entered into a peace deal with the provincial government of NWFP led by Awami National Party (ANP). Maulvi Fazlullah, who addressed a press conference after months at an undisclosed location a couple of days ago, blamed the security forces for activities against his followers. He also said that holding talks with the NWFP government was of no use as that was having no power and authority to make key decision on the front of terrorism. "Situation in Swat is volatile again and the militants' activities are on the rise. In such circumstances the use of force is the only option that the security forces could opt for," said a senior official here on Tuesday asking for anonymity. He said that the government wanted to resolve the issue of militancy through dialogue but if the other party was not ready to holding talks and rather resorting to violence, then they should be dealt sternly. However, he added that the government was still willing to allow the peace agreements to work and help achieve the desired results of peace and stability in Swat, Waziristan and other regions of restive tribal belt. "It is the stated policy of the government that priority would be given to dialogue over the use of force but if things go beyond control then certain steps need to be taken to address the situation," the official said.