LAHORE – Faisal Naeem Kari and Munzir Bokhari were the golfers who took off impressively at the conclusion of the first segment of the three-segment Ramazan Rose Bowl Golf Championship endorsed by Elba here at the Royal Palm Golf Course on Sunday.

Amir Mehmood, Abdullah Sharif, Hussain Hamid and Shahid Abbas were splendid off the tees never spraying off the fairways and adequately backed their tee shots with accurate approach shots to the green. Faisal Naseem emerged as the perfect golfer and so did Munzir and their scores of net 30 over nine holes were applauded worthy.  Waqar Butt (net 33), Abdul Islam Nazi (34), Taha Mehmood (34) also performed well in the event. In the race for gross honors, Amir Mehmood and Shahid Abbas were decently placed along with Hamid Sharif, Abdullah Sharif and Tariq.

The next segment would be contested on the August 10 here at the Royal Palm Golf Course.