KARACHI - Cattle market in residential areas alongside Karachi Super Highway is causing great inconvenience to the locals, The Nation has learnt.

The survey conducted by The Nation revealed that the hundreds of families residing in Scheme 33 are facing tough circumstances due to the temporary cattle market in the residential colonies along the Super Highway.

Survey revealed that there are number residential areas in between the cattle market and in the surroundings including Hashimabad, Memon Halari Cooperative Society, Teacher Society, Zeenatabad, Gulistan Cooperative Housing Society, Punjabi Sudagran Cooperative Housing Society and other residential areas located adjacent to cattle market. 

Jaffar Hussain, resident of the area, said that it was impossible for the residents of the above said societies to reach their home without having passes issued by the cattle market administration.

He pointed out that the residents of the area hardly managed to get the passes to even reach their home because of the strict rules and regulations of the market administration.

He said that the administration of the market sold the car and motorbike passes to the visitors of the cattle market therefore they hardly issue the passes.

Another resident of the area Rehan Abbasi while talking to The Nation said that residents managed to get the passes and reach home but our relatives could not suppose to reach home to visit at least two months.

He said that cattle market administration hire Afgani and Pushtoon residents of Madina Colony and Sohrab Goth and deploy them at all entry and exit points and untrained employees guarding the market boundary does not allow anybody without the entry pass while misbehave if anybody resist to reached home or his relatives home.

He pointed out that in last fifteen days, residents of the area were unable to reach their home on their vehicles because all the link roads were completely covered and full of rush with the animals.

Waseem resident of the same area said that whatever happened with the residents of the area till Eid day is not enough because the actual issues occurred after the Eid when cattle market is removed, leaving behind the trash that causes numerous sort of viral diseases and infections.

He pointed out that millions of animal reached the market every year of which hundreds of them die due to the different animal diseases and all such dead animal bodies’ lie in the area while waste of millions of animals also cause an extreme stench in the whole area.

He further said that the various sort of insects and also join the locality following the cattle market and take at least two to three months to leave after using several sort insects killing sprays by the residents of the area.

He said that the insects including Mosquitoes, bees ruin the life as uncountable numbers of the bees have seen every corner of the house.  On the other side, there are number of under develop societies in the area including Karachi Bar House Society, KDA Society, Rufi Pearl City, Sakina Fatima, Atomic Energy,  Sulaman Cooperative, PIA Society, Musalmanan-e-Punjab Society, Mehmood-ul-Haq and dozens of the other societies stopped their development work.

A general secretary of a society wish to be anonymous told The Nation that extremely influential people are behind the cattle market business having highest level of lucrative opportunities. He said that all the societies and even the residential unions of developed societies signed the agreements with the administration of the market because there is no other way.

He said that they destroy the boundary walls of the societies to use the land ruined the layout of the land while compensating to all with nominal package. He said that all the builders and developers sought to develop their societies but the lull of two to three months caused delay in development work.  

When contacted Cattle Market spokesperson Naveed Baigh expressed his ignorance of all such issues and said that the unions of the all societies have signed an agreement every year. He said that the societies have yet to show any sort of reservations while administration issue the entry pass to all the residents of the area. He said that administration has also given the contract for cleaning the area and repaired all the boundary walls destroyed.