PESHAWAR - Hajj aspirants coming from various parts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa complained about alleged mismanagement in Haji Camp, Peshawar and loss of their documents in Directorate of Hajj.

Momin Khan, resident of Dalazak Road, said that the directorate had informed him on July 20 to come to the Haji Camp to depart from Peshawar on July 22 after attending Hajj course. He said that when he went to the Haji Camp, the staff told him that some of his documents were missing so he should go back home.

He said that it was not only his issue but an issue of 52 persons who were directed to go back home till further information. He said that passengers rented cars for their luggage and spent money but were sent back due to the mismanagement of the Haji Camp and Hajj Directorate’s staff.

He added that after this, he repeatedly called Haji camp but they were still suffering in different sections of the Haji Camp for completing the documentation. He said that the staff was also using rude language in their conversation with the intending pilgrims as most of the Hajj aspirants were illiterate and could not understand English language.

He appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the issue and stressed the administration to streamline the process in Directorate of Hajj and address the worries of the people.

When contacted, in-charge Haji Camp, he was not attending his cell phone despite repeated attempt.

Last year, there were adequate arrangement made by the relevant quarters in the Haji Camp and there were no complaints of the intending pilgrims.