Mahira khan had recently been part of a controversy after veteran actor Firdous Jamal termed her as a “mediocre” model and said that Khan is no longer “fit” to get the heroine part in upcoming films.

Mahira penned down a heartfelt and inspiring note, regarding Pakistan’s film fraternity and the need to empower women. The sexist remarks forced many fans and stars, especially women to come out for her support.

This Monday, Mahira took to Instagram and expressed her gratitude and love, for all the people who took her side and believed in women empowerment. She posted that “We are the present. What we do and how we do it, is our future. Thank you to all those who have come out to support me - I did not ask for it and that makes it even more special.”

The “Superstar” queen further said that we should focus on lifting each other up instead of trying to bring each other down. Khan’s response was a very good example of class and dignity. In the hand-written note she spread positive vibes, encouraging people to spread love and not hate.

This very subtle response speaks volumes, and has left fans in further awe and respect towards her. Let’s hope that people learn something from this and work on themselves instead of pin pointing the flaws of another human being.

Furthermore, being a critic is not a bad thing, but just be careful that your words do not cause grief to another soul.