Pakistan’s state-owned sole steel production unit reaches at zero production level, the mismanagement and corruption in Pakistan Steel Mills still at its peak.

Retired officer re-appointed illegally as the new Director Hadeed Welfare Trust is drawing an exorbitant salary package.

The largest industrial complex is now performing at zero level due to the mismanagement of the high ups.

A certain lobby of corrupt officials for their own vested interests are milking the mill dry off at the cost of public fund.

On 24th June a corrupt and controversial officer Hamid Pervez just before a day of his retirement re-awarded the post of director HWT for one year, on contract basis.

The said appointment letter has been issued grossly violating the GoP policy for recruitment, neither any advertisement for the vacant post was published nor the said officer fulfulls the basic terms of the eligibility criteria for this post.

As per the record the last advertisement stated that the applicant for the discussed position must be under the age of 60, must be possessed a Masters degree and preferred if the applicant was a retired high rank official of armed forces.

Hamid Pervez as per his profile on the official website of Pakistan Steel holds only a Bachelors degree and is above the age of 60.

Furthermore in the Sindh High Court a petition 2730/15 is also waiting for decision in which tampering of Annual Confidential Report and illegal reinstatement of Hamid Pervez is also challenged.

Internal sources told that a controversial person alleged for corruption and misconduct under trial by the court if re-appointed while subsiding all the legal requirements and being offered exorbitant salary along with several other benefits is similar to nailing the coffin of the said organisation.

Contempt the Supreme Court of Pakistan order against recruiting individuals above the age of 60 and violating the procedures for offering positions on new appointment laid by the federal government, Hamid Pervez has been appointed for the post of Director HWT on 01 year contract prior to his retirement from the same post dated 24th June 2015.

Such cases must be taken up by FIA in order to eliminate the element of corruption from Pakistan. On the other side the spokesperson did not reply when contacted for comments.