The singer-turned-model Qandeel Baloch has always remained the talk of the town in recent times. From her outrageous videos to her expression of love and marriage proposals for Imran Khan, the lady has managed to attract the audience’s wrath, along with sincere admirers. Despite having a huge fan following on social media, most of her followers are annoyed by her posts and follow them only to leave back criticism. No matter what Qandeel believes, the more she gets hated the more her popularity grows. She admits being an attention seeker and enjoys remaining in headlines, and it doesn’t matter if the publicity goes against her.

Through her previous posts on Afridi and Imran Khan, I too – like others – believed that this lady requires some psychological treatment. However, following her recent selfies with the renowned Mufti, she vindicated her attempt to expose the bitter realities and characters of Maulana ruling the religious games in town. From the entire incident what gathered my interest were the skills that Qandeel possessed. I believe instead of Mufti sahab addressing her in an unethical manner, he should simply have acknowledged her abilities that no one knew she had. Take note, Qandeel, it’s still not too late. You’ve got every ability to nail the professions mentioned below.


The way Qandeel covered the videos with Mufti Sahab and addressed the minute-to-minute updates, she seemed like a professional VJ with good hosting skills. She was quite successful in imposing her as if she’s one of the most renowned celebrities and that the meeting she is having at the moment is desired to be witnessed by millions of her fans. This ability to actually make things appears bigger than they are and create more positive hype to gather the audience is a rare ability, which Qandeel undoubtedly possesses. If she ever wills to enter the media, this will for sure take her to heights with increasing number of well-wishers.


Without any doubt, Qandeel has got some of the best marketing tactics in town. I believe the renowned MBA institutions and sales trainees should take notes from her. It is her video-selling abilities that she has made a fuss out of the cr*p she uploads. There have been so many stars, attempting exhibitionism to reach fame; however, Qandeel has managed to do so without even making her appearance on the TV. She stresses on the idea that presentation matters. In every video, no matter how crude it is, she dresses unusually. The unusual is both good and bad. Her liners have kept her in news for a long time, then the video texture followed by her dramatic appeals to audience and now her critical analysis on celebrities and personalities. She knows well that she isn’t going to be hit with the same formula every time, hence before you get bored, she has a new tactic to bind you.


I never knew this ability of hers before I watched her recent appearance on Mubasher Lucman’s show. The way she dominates people and put forwards her points – no matter how wrong she is – is something that everyone should learn from her. She has all the abilities to twist questions coming towards her, and to speak out the truth that she wants to. No matter whatever the questions were, she managed to dodge the anchor to an extent that the entire show revolved around discussions only she wanted to make and none other. If I say that she has that ability to spark fights between guests and to gain TRPs, it won’t be wrong. Accept it or not, that is what media channels look for when hiring a TV anchor for their programs. Mind it Mubasher Lucman, she is a competitor in the making!


There have been times when all of us have felt that Qandeel herself is suffering from psychological disorders and that she needs a psychiatrist herself. There are moments when I feel she has the ability to address one of the most common syndromes. This syndrome, known as “log kya kaheingay”, is becoming exceptionally common in the country, with apparently no treatment for it. It is due to this syndrome that honour killings in the country have now reached their peak. I believe under these circumstances Qandeel can step forward to actually address the women and tell them how she overcame – or never fell for – the “log kya kaheingay” syndrome. Even though her approach might be debatable, she’s doing really well in resisting the pressure of society and living a life she wants to. She can be a true lesson for women.