In the past decade there has been a sudden rise of “germs” in our media. I wonder why that is. Maybe it's a biological weapon used by our neighbouring countries (don't we love conspiracy theories!) Or it could be evolution.

As they are saying in Lifebuoy soaps’ ad that germs are getting stronger. But Dettol soap commercials have noticed that they are also getting bigger. I am sure if that continues we won't be able to distinguish between a common house ant and a slithering germ.

All the same, the sale of these antibacterial soaps is on the rise. This is due to their clever marketing strategy - they are targeting the children.

Of course Commander Safeguard is bound to attract them, even if they are not the ones making purchasing decisions they now have the power to influence them.

Following Safeguards’ strategy, all the antibacterial/antiseptic soaps/detergents/liquids have jumped on the bandwagon.

I am sure it's easy to influence the naive minds. But why are the parents lacking common sense? A question I’d like to ask the mothers, how can long summers produce long germs?

Same campaign is used for the winters where they say the reason for catching cold and flu is germs. Cold, flu, diarrhea, stomach ache just blame it all on the germs.

The reason why I even started analysing these ads and products is because I have used them myself.

After moving to my in-laws I noticed my eyes started to itch and get dry. At first it didn't concern me but when it prolonged I figured out that it was Dettol and detergent which was used to clean the floor. After I quit using these products I saw a notable difference.

Also after using one of the antibacterial soaps I noticed my skin got extremely dry and started to itch. Being accustomed fresh, chemical free air and normal soap I could easily spot the difference.

To all the parents, I am sure you also got sick as a child in summers and winters both and that is because a child’s immune system is not very strong. The sickness is not because of pesky germs.

You don't realise you are doing more harm than good to your child by lathering him/her with triclosan (which is contained in these soaps). Also there is no proof that these soaps are better than the regular soap and water for cleaning.

The United States has banned the use of antibacterial soaps and antiseptic products.

The surmise of their research says that prolonged use of these products not only decreases the natural resistance of humans to fight the germs but it also produces resistance to antibiotics. Moreover, exposure to triclosan “could damage developing fetus”.

Someone needs to knock some sense into the new mom in Dettol’s advertisement Maa manay Dettol ka dhula and the damage she is causing to the fetus by using Dettol for cleaning the crib and washing the clothes and the further damage which will occur when the baby will directly use this product.

Furthermore, it is not only the use of these soaps but it is the mindset that they are creating. Mothers are discouraging their children to play outside which causes a very limited exposure for the child to fresh air.

Other than that the use of such products enables their children to be accustomed to an antibacterial environment. In other words, it will become difficult for them to function outside or in an environment where these products are not used. This causes them to develop allergies.

No wonder children are getting sick every now and then and developing varies allergies which I have seen in my social circle. It is not because the germs have gotten “bigger and stronger” but because we are not letting our children brave the world!