Shahbaz Sharif may have kicked up the crowd's emotion with his poetry recitation but he also became the butt of jokes among PML(N) party hacks. Many (N)ers had never heard of Habib Jalib, the activist poet quoted by SS. Some even considered poetry too sentimental for macho men like themselves. But jokes aside, PML(N)'s aspiring orators have suddenly found that poetry creates an adrenalin rush and adds that something which is lost in translation. Some have actually gone and bought Habib Jalib's poetry which could mean that post Long March, their party's culture may just be changing * * * * * * * * * * * * The Ides of March are dreaded by most rulers but not by one Pakistani politico. This is the very month that his family has a double celebration. On 24th March, PM Gilani completed one year in office and his son and political heir, Qadir, had his first wedding anniversary. We hear the family had a wedding anniversary party that was the mother of all parties. After all how many sons can boast "I got married the day my father became PM." * * * * * * * * * * * * Rumour has it that many of Pakistan's richie rich are licking their wounds having sunk huge sums in Dubai's real estate. We hear that the "daddy" of Pakistan's stock market is one major casualty of the Dubai rush. Apparently he put in over 300 million dirhams to buy a commercial plot in Dubai's Jumaira district and that money has become sand literally. He may now have to wait a few decades or another life time to harvest his investment. How come this don of Pakistani stock market knew so little about the real estate market?