PESHAWAR - Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr. Sanaullah Abba­si, through surveillance chip and drone camera, reviewed the police coronavirus related steps in dif­ferent parts of the city and issued necessary instructions to the con­cerned quarters for making best use of the modern gadgets in pro­fessional obligations.

Through these newly intro­duced modern gadgetries, the IGP was shown the police steps adopted for safety and security of different quarantine centres in various parts of Peshawar main­ly in Cantt and city areas, police presence on several duty points and situation of different mar­kets and bazaars.

The police chief expressed sat­isfaction over the use of surveil­lance chip and drone camera and stressed the need for using lat­est modern technology in war and emergency situation. The IGP pointed out that the use of mod­ern technology is not only to help in properly monitoring police per­formance but also to ensure time­ly steps for bringing further im­provement in it.

The IGP informed that the use of surveillance chip and drone cam­era would be extended to other parts of the province very soon.

He reiterated his pledge that all available resources would be uti­lized for ensuring safety and secu­rity of the general public.

Ban on public transport in KP extended till April

The ban on public passengers transport has been extended till April 5 for safety measures of the masses following escalation in the cases of Coronavirus in the prov­ince.

According to a notification of Re­lief and Resettlement Department here Sunday, ban on inter district and intra districts passengers transport has been extended till April 5 to ensure social distancing of people in the wake of escalation of transmission of coronavirus in the province.