SWABI              -          Yar Hussain police Friday claimed to have resolved the Essa Khan murder case and found his real brother behind his killing.

According to details, on May 13 last one Sher Afsar, resident of Bagh-e-Harram, reported to Police Station Yar Hussain said that his younger brother Essa Khan had committed suicide with gun fire.

District Police Officer (DPO) Imran Shahid took notice of the case and as­signed the task to the local police to investigate. In this regard, the DPO formed a four-member police investi­gation team under the SP Investigation Banaras Khan.

While SHO Yar Hussain police sta­tion Taj Muhammad, Sub-Inspector Shehzad Khan, Investigating Officer Inspector Jawad Khan inspected the crime scene and started investigation into the case using modern scientific lines from all angles.

The investigation team after thor­oughly investigating the case, it was found out that the victim Essa Khan had not committed suicide but was murdered.

The investigation team after taking the statement of Razia Bibi, wife of the de­ceased, included Sher Afsar in investi­gation. Sher Afsar during interrogation confessed to have committed the crime.

He said his real brother Essa Khan was a drug addict and on the day of incident Easa wanted to kill him over some domestic dispute.