In the debacle of Fall of Dhaka, the Eastern Wing of Pakistan fell to conspiracy hatched by India, openly backed by a Soviet Union under a mischievous deal Indira Doctrine, August 1971. It is now after 40 long years that Bangladesh Foreign minister has demanded a formal apology from Pakistan for the genocide and atrocities, propagated by the Indian Press. They had free hand to dispatch any story against the Pakistan troops who were stranded in East Pakistan to foil the conspiracy. But, the only one Infantry Division located in the Wing was not enough to face eastern Command of five Division plus fully supported with air force, navy , guns and armour etc, in a hostile land. All the mischief was instigated by India from the border while the Pakistan Garrison was kept limited, 1000 miles away from its base, without air, tanks and guns etc. Indian force with local population and Mukti Bahini had all the options to play hell with a truncated force without supporting arms. In the wake of the conspiracy, Bangale Youth were trained by an Indian General to form a guerrilla force within the bounds of East Pakistan. On 23rd November,1971 India moved its Army into East Pakistan. Earlier, in July 71, Pakistan had accused Indian troops of deliberate acts of provocation in Jessore, Rangpur and other areas. Even the Indian Army shelled Comilla inside East Pakistan from 20 to 26 July 71, much before actual entry of Indian Army. The entire episode of the debacle of fall of Dacca was the initiative of Bangali population of East Pakistan under the auspices of Indian Army. Who has played villain in the fall of Dacca in 1971? BRIG (R) A Q ANJUM, Rawalpindi, November29.