Islamabad             -          A day after the judgement of the Supreme Court on Army Chief’s reappointment case, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said the verdict was victory of democracy and rule of law.

Chairing meeting of PTI leaders and government spokespersons, the prime minister said that internal and external enemies of Pakistan were deeply unhappy with the apex court decision as it brought them disappointment.

According to informed sources, he termed it a defeat of the forces of status quo and the mafias who wanted to see a confrontation among the state institutions and destabilisation in the country.

Imran Khan also commended the government’s legal team for its efforts in the case and dismissed the reservations expressed by some PTI lawmakers on the performance of the legal team during PTI’s parliamentary party meeting held the other day.

The prime minister said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf strongly believed in democratic values and has been struggling for independence of the judiciary for decades.

The government legal team briefed the meeting at length on the Supreme Court’s Thursday verdict wherein it directed the government to pass legislation on the extension/reappointment of an army chief.

In its short order the court noted that according to Article 243 of the Constitution, the authority to appoint an army chief lies with the president. However, there is no duration of appointment specified in the said Article.

The participants of PTI meeting lauded judiciary’s role, stating that the apex court has set guidelines for the future top military appointments. They noted that no one had raised these vital questions before and expressed their resolve to legislate on the subject in light of the court verdict.

Sources said that meeting participants also discussed election of PML-N’s leader Rana Tanveer’s appointment as Chairman of Public Accounts Committee. Some of them considered the development unsuitable.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said he will visit Lahore on Saturday (today) where he will take key decisions. He reiterated the country’s dwindling economy has been stabilised and directed the government spokespersons to highlight the harmony among the key state institutions.

After the meeting, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan made a series of tweets about the meeting.

She said the prime minister made it clear in categorical terms that government respected the court verdict.

Dr Firdous said the prime minister appreciated the legal team of the government and remarked that the elements which wanted to destabilize the country must have been feeling dejected by the recent court verdict.

The prime minister also said that the PTI’s opponents were the mafia which wanted the continuation of status quo and used law for their benefit, she said.

Khan opined that such mafia and external enemy wanted to create atmosphere of confrontation among the national institutions and create uncertainty to destabilize the country but they would never succeed in their nefarious designs.

She said the prime minister had directed the party spokespersons that active participation should be made in law-making process to implement party manifesto by suitable legislation.

Firdous quoted Imran Khan as saying that the main motive behind the PTI’s political struggle from day one was ensuring justice and the rule of law in the country. She said the PM was of the view that the PTI was the first party which made provision of justice its motto 23 years ago.

The SAPM said when the struggle for independence of judiciary was going on, Prime Minister Khan preferred going to jail instead of compromising on his principles.

She said the prime minister also updated the government lawmakers and spokespersons on the achievements made on the economic front and stressed that the improvement in economic figures should be highlighted to encourage the masses and boost the confidence of business community.

Earlier on Thursday a meeting of the parliamentary party of PTI and its allied parties was held under the chair of Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, following the decision of the Supreme Court in the case regarding appointment of the COAS.

Official sources informed The Nation that the meeting held at the Parliament House endorsed the decision of Prime Minister Imran Khan of extending the tenure of General Qamar Javed Bajwa for another term but some lawmakers showed reservations over “poor handling” of the case by their legal team.

The lawmakers also demanded action against the bureaucrats who caused an embarrassment to the government before the Supreme Court because of their poor drafting of the official summaries concerning the extension of the army chief.

“The government’s whole legal team has proved itself inefficient,” a lawmaker of the ruling party was quoted as saying in the meeting by the official sources. He added that the legal team and the bureaucrats concerned who drafted flawed summaries should be held accountable.

The legal team brought the institutions to the brink of clash like situation, said another lawmaker.

A brief official statement issued after the meeting said that Qureshi informed the lawmakers about the steps taken by the prime minister regarding case of army chief’s extension.

“PTI and its allied parties appreciated the steps taken by the PM and showed their solidarity and support with the government,” it said, adding that they showed their full confidence in the leadership of the PM and his decisions.