KASUR -   People belonging to all walks of life expressed grave concerns over the rising robbery and dacoity incidents across the district due to, “what they said,” criminal negligence of the police.

During a survey conducted by this correspondent, residents of different areas flayed the police for being least bothered to take action against notorious outlaws who, they said, have been carrying out criminal activities without let or hindrance. “It seems dacoits rule the roost in Kasur district despite tall claims of the police regarding successful operations against the outlaws,” they pointed out. In fact the police incapability to deal with the outlaws has made them bold to conduct robberies even in broad daylight, they added. They regretted for being restricted to their houses as the ‘robbers might and police slumber know no bounds.’ They said since the transfer of DPO Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi, the district has been turned into a ‘prefect place’ for dacoits where they are free to loot people and destroy their properties. They showered former Kasur DPO Ali Nasir Rizvi with praise for successfully maintaining peace in the district, saying since the day he left Kasur, the district has again fallen victim to robberies.” They said the trading community is the worst victim of dacoity incidents as there is left no market in the city where the traders have not been threatened or robbed.

Talking about different robbery and dacoity incidents, happened recently, they said two - Ghulam Rasul and Tanvir Ahmed - were on the way back home on a Suzuki van. Near Arzanipur, they were robbed of Rs40,000. In another incident, four dacoits entered the house of Usman in Abdul Khaliq. They held the family hostage and made off with Rs150,000, five tola gold jewellery and prize bonds worth Rs50,000.

In suburban village Pul Najabat, three dacoits intercepted Ahmed and deprived him of Rs80,000 and two cellphones. Near Baggan, two dacoits snatched Rs70,000 and 12 cellphones from Javed and Abdul Jabbar. On Church Road near Pattoki, motorcyclist Boota was robbed of Rs20,000 and a cellphone. In Basti Qadirabad, dacoits snatched a motorbike, Rs11,000 and a cellphone from Ahmed. Near Rahman City Pattoki, dacoits snatched 10 tola gold jewellery and Rs45,000 cash from Amir Ali and his wife. On Multan Road near Pattoki Toll Plaza, Abdul Majid was robbed of Rs55,000. Similarly, Dildar was robbed of Rs46,000 and a cellphone in Chah Mali Wala, Munir Ahmed was robbed of Rs40,000 and Nadeem was deprived of Rs10,000 in Rao Khanewala. In Jhuggian village, dacoits broke into the shop of Munawar and made off with Rs40,000.

“These are few incidents we could mention. There are countless such incidents in which people had been deprived of cash and valuables,” they said. They said the dacoits do not even hesitate to open fire on citizens if their robbery bids are resisted. “Recently, the salesman of a cigarette company was shot at and injured by firing of dacoits near Faisal Town, Habibabad. He was on the way back home from work when two dacoits attempted to rob him at gunpoint but he offered resistance. The dacoits opened fire on him and resultantly, he sustained critical injuries and was hospitalised,” they informed. Similar to robberies, this is not the single incident when a citizen was shot at and injured. There are too many citizens who had reportedly been hospitalised after suffering injuries in firing by dacoits for resisting their robbery attempt. Mediaman have no exception. Some months back, dacoits had fired indiscriminate shots on Kasur Press Club President Haji Sharif Mehr during a robbery. Police have so far failed to find out the culprits.

They claimed that they have submitted numerous complaints to the police high-ups regarding rising robbery incidents and cops’ reluctance to go after criminals. “But the police high-ups have turned a deaf ear to the public woes,” they regretted. “How the police authorities can claim to have many dacoits held or killed in shootouts when robberies across the district are on the rise,” they questioned.

They demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif look into the matter and take stern action against black sheep in the police department who, they said, left the public on the mercy of dacoits. They also demanded DPO Ismail Kharak take effective steps to protect life, honour and property of the common man.



Muhammad Ashraf Mehr