How do you define perfection? The tall, blushy-cheeked girl with the flawless wrinkle-free skin, shining from head to toe? But then, one wonders if the idea of such a perfect fairy really exists because one definitely hears that “no one is perfect”, “the world is filled with imperfections”, so on and so forth...

It takes me back where I started from.  How do you define perfection in the first place? Our society and specially the men in it have taken it upon themselves to define it and the definition is definitely so close to reality (pun intended).

First off, the “perfect” girl should have a flawless skin tone and by that I mean the milky fair complexion and even if you don’t have it, the whitening products come in handy. And in case you need more, you can always fine-tone it with those whitening pills and injections.

Having the perfect complexion is not all they demand. The utmost concern of theirs remains – the perfect figure. Yes, you read right because you do realize how troublesome it could get for you if you are over-weight, let alone being obese.

Getting scanned from head to toe with weird expressions is the must-go-through stage for every female living in the country. As the time for the merry-making approaches, you get all set to start a happy life ahead but the happiness of the BRIDE definitely remains questionable because all we, the girls are taught, is to learn how to keep our bridegrooms happy instead of minding our own. Failed to do so, our “ideal happy life” goes down the drain.

To add more to the body-shaming, you get thrown the tantrums at for not having a flat belly or those curves here and there. However, this is not only for the “over-weight girl” you see walking down the street. This has also been upsetting those not-so-attractive under-weight girls because they do not have the ideal figure. But then WHAT IS THE IDEAL FIGURE?

“Are you crazy? She is flat and unattractive because she does not have those beauty curves. She definitely could do with putting on some weight.”

“Naah, she is too fat to be attractive. She should lose some”

Perplexed at the answers coming from my friends on complimenting the passerby girls for having the perfect figures, I wondered what standards of perfection we have set for ourselves…

Inspired by some Bollywood movie and the size-zero models, that girl who was supposed to be studying for her exams, spends her precious time on getting slimmer, the girl her friends called obese starves herself to fulfill the “beauty standards” and the under-weight girl strives harder to get the perfect shape because her fiancé wants her to look the best on their wedding day. And the list goes on and on.

Having beauty and fitness goals in life is the sure way to attain success, no doubt, but one must question where this obsession with perfection is taking oneself. Why can’t we stay contented with what we have and enjoy the life that we are blessed with? With so much going on already in our lives, putting some burdens off our shoulders and helping others to do the same, can lead us towards a happy life, instead of pinpointing the little flaws we all have. And the last but not the least, we will still get to have the life partners even if we don’t have the perfect beauty standards defined by the society. What matters the most is living a happy life instead of putting your happiness at stake in order to please others.